Religious Reform

RRMASRI Research & Consulting intends to concentrate and specialize in institution and capacity building to foster existing and future Religious Reform initiatives and endeavors that would jumpstart and speed up Religious Reform and Enlightenment in the Middle East.

capacity building

RRMASRI Research & Consulting entails the creation of a permanent supportive organizational framework that will enhance synergy and facilitate networking; provide organizational and logistical support that will strengthen the effectiveness of the endeavors of proponents of the Religious Reform movement in the Arab world.

just peace

RRMASRI Research & Consulting hopes to equally engage in the promotion Peace and harmonious coexistence in the Middle East that is based on the principles of justice, freedomand the respect of human rights. This entails complementing the endeavorsof committed enlightened intellectuals and political activists engaged in the launching of a departing new paradigm of a Third Way.

enhance dialogue

Develop more open communication, interaction and dialogue among the enlightened thinkers in the Western World and the Middle Eastern World.

Welcome to our company

RRMASRI Research & Consulting Inc as a duly established Canadian Federal entity, will endeavor to contribute to the Bridging of constructive communication between the Western World and the Middle Eastern cultures by contributing to promoting enlightened Religious Reform in the Arab World intending to mitigate the obstacles of free-flow of exchanges and communication between the cultures of these two important blocks of humanity. This, with the ultimate purpose of the enhancement of wider public awareness of the theses of past, contemporary and future Religious Reforming thinkers and scholars in the service of the promotion of social harmony and the stemming out of potential extremism.

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Our Activities

Religious Reform
Religious Reform could entail many facets including following an incremental or more revolutionary pattern.
Formation of a Third Way Movement
creation and the start of a movement among enlightened Palestinians and non-Zionist Jewish Israelis
Western & Middle East Dialogue
promoting communication and dialogue among thinkers from western and middle east worlds

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