Third Way Movement

Third Way Movement

Participate in the Development of the Concept of the “The Third Way” Movement.

The Arab/Palestinian-Israeli standoff continues to cause dissipation of energies; diversion of scarce intellectual and economic resources; loss of opportunities and the prevention of the evolution and revival of the Arab and Palestinian people.

The lingering Arab/Palestinian – Israeli conflict continues to provide the hegemonic foreign powers; local extremists and the religious fanatics on all sides with a wide field to operatein. The lingering Palestinian – Israeli conflict prolongs the dominance of the forces contributing to holding the Arab and Islamic mind a hostage to exploitation at the expense of the development and welfare of the present and the future Middle Eastern generations.

The above reality warrants the creation and the start of a movement among enlightened Palestinians and non-Zionist Jews to thinking outside the box, of coming together to ponder the development of the Concept of a movement that espouses an enlightening Doctrine of a Third Way.

The Third Way Movement would espouse a plan of peaceful co-existence on the basis of the restitution of rights; the ultimate edification of Secular on-Sectarian Civil Society with equal and just treatment of all citizens irrespective of religion, ethnicity or race.

The Third Way is the only viable long-term alternative to end the endemic and wasteful Arab/Palestinian – Israeli conflict in the interests of lasting peace and the welfare and prosperity of the generations of all concerned.


RRMASRI Research & Consulting’s tasks to participate in the development of the Concept of a Third Way Movement shall entail, among others:

Contribute to the Development of a clearer concept of the Third Way project and the movement.
Tapping into relevant research materials and previous related initiatives.
Brainstorm and dialogue - towards a better crystallization of the concept and the paradigm of a Third Way - with enlightened Palestinian and non-Zionist Jewish thinkers and scholars engaged in the development and the promotion of a genuine lasting peace and harmonious co-existence between the Arab Palestinian and Jewish people.

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