The Broad tasks of RRMASRI Research & Consulting entail the conducting of ongoing in-depth surveys; the fostering of networking and synergy among scholars and institutions actively involved in serious endeavors for Religious Reform in the Arab World.  This will entail the deployment of methodical and systematic approaches and initiatives to identifying individual scholarly works and credible organizations actively engaged in the promotion of Religious Reform.  

RRMASRI Research & Consulting will endeavor to lend logistical and organizational support to active Religious Reform Scholars and organizations to render their endeavors and theses more readily accessible and affordable by thegeneral Arab Audience.  This, with the ultimate purpose of the enhancement of popular awareness of the theses of Religious Reforms in the service of the mitigation of religious fanaticism and extremisms.  

However, most importantly, the purpose of RRMASRI Research & Consulting’s mission would, by priority, concentrate on rendering more readily accessible to the general masses in the Arab World the already existing huge body of well-researched scholarly contributions by a wide network of Arab Scholars of Religious Reform and future contributions that thus far failed to reach and influence the outlook of the wider Arab general audience.  This is a quintessential step on the long road to Religious Reform to enhance awareness and the subscription of the Arab masses to universal values for the promotion of inclusiveness and the harmonious coexistence among nations. 

Towards the above ends, Rajai R. Masri, the Founder, will at the start assume the management of the operations of RRMASRI Research & Consulting to develop the organizational capabilities and the ultimate full institutionalization of RRMASRI Research & Consulting including the eventual broadened participation by others towards the ultimate fulfillment of the Company’s objectives. One hopes, ultimately, other people would join in RRMASRI Research & Consulting’s initiatives towards maximization of the general benefits in the service of the intended higher purpose.  This includes trustees, writers, volunteer workers and a few well-trained staff. 

The incorporation and institutionalization of the Founder’s long individual initiatives and personal endeavors into a duly registered entity, RRMASRI Research & Consulting, shall provide higher flexibility; more weight and more credibility vis-à-vis intended and targeted third parties. This,in particular with reference to providing the organizational and logistical framework to identify, empower and network with active scholars and institutions dedicated to Religious Reform.

RRMASRI Research & Consulting will endeavor, beside setting the above priorities, to connect with and draw on the research of respectable Religious Reform scholars and institutions; World Research Centers; Think-Tanks; pertinent specialized Agencies and relevant departments of reputable organizations and Universities, in the Middle East, Europe and North America.

RRMASRI Research & Consulting hopes to connect with the above institutions to eventually tap into their relevant research materials; develop symbiotic and collaborative interactive relations with scholars, researchers, operatives and organizers of relevant leading international institutions. 

Furthermore, RRMASRI Research & Consulting shall endeavor to secureoutsourced assignments with selective institutions including the development of better informed specialized position papers and relevant reports in the areas and domains where RRMASRI Research & Consulting enjoys a better-informed expert opinion and a first-hand knowledge. This would inevitably contribute to enhancing better mutual understandings and knowledge of the facts. All this would be widely shared for the general benefit and development of a better-informed judgment by all concerned.

RRMASRI Research & Consulting hopes to launch at the early stage a dedicated Newsletter cum an electronic newspaper that would welcome contributing writers’ articles and opinions. 

The Founder, Rajai R.Masri, will direct his efforts at the start on the development and further fine tuning of the concepts and the Modus Operandi of RRMASRI Research & Consulting’s activities. Besides, the Founder will dedicate most of his efforts at the start to promotional endeavors introducing RRMASRI Research & Consulting and its objectives visiting and calling on leading Religious Reform Scholars and Religious Reform organizations; Strategic Research Centers & Think Tanks. 

Besides, the founder will dedicate important effort approaching potential donner agencies, sponsors and enlightened activist philanthropists.  The Founder is expected to spend at the start, at least during the first six months to a year, more time on the road calling on and visiting with specifically targeted institutions and scholars to introduce RRMASRI Research & Consulting beside the eliciting of the support and potential commitments of the targeted individuals and institutions.  

Funding would be crucial for the success of the realization of RRMASRI Research & Consulting’s objectives. For, beside dipping into the modest personal resources of the Founder and the early contributions of some committed philanthropists; it is hoped that funding could potentially flow from certain institutional and certain committed high net-worth philanthropists who can identify and associate with the universal values and with RRMASRI Research & Consulting’s objectives and ambitious undertakings. 

RRMASRI Research & Consulting will periodically publish Audited Statements in conformity with the Canadian General Accounting Standards that would be accessible for review by the Trustees and the donors who would enjoy full access, at all times to such records.