How to write an explanatory essay

How to write an explanatory essay

How to write an explanatory essay

Just like the title suggests, the aim of an explanatory essay/expository essay is to explain something to the author. Thus, all the information must be articulated to demystify a concept or a process to the reader. It is no brainer that you must understand the concept or process to write a good essay.

Therefore, the first step is to research. Find any information that covers the process or topic and study it. As you study more materials, the topic you seek to explain becomes clearer. Make notes and include metainformation of the sources to aid you in referencing and citing. Seek to broaden your understanding on the topic to avoid writing inaccurate or shallow content. Develop a thesis that would guide the rest of the essay.

Follow your outline promptly to avoid adding unnecessary information. Add any necessary information that can help explain the topic and include a hook to capture the attention of the readers. For each body paragraph, start with a topic sentence that features the main idea it talks about. Explain the main idea using support sentences and examples where appropriate. Cite the information derived from other sources to avoid plagiarism. Always transition smoothly to the subsequent paragraph.

The conclusion must wrap the contents of the essay. Feature a rewritten thesis statement and a summary of the main ideas. Re-read the essay to iron out any grammatical and punctuation mistakes, and to ensure each point is explained clearly.

The afore-described processes on titling essays, writing essay proposals and explanatory essays give detailed information on how to approach and tackle each one of them. if followed promptly, the procedures and tips shard in the above described sub-topics would go a long way into improving your writing skill.

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