Religious Reform

Religious Reform

The Promotion of activities relating to Religious Reform

Religious Reform could entail many facets including following an incremental or more revolutionary pattern. Huge piles of well researched written materials and texts by leading Arab Religious Reform scholars remain idle gathering dust, out of reach and inaccessible by the widest audience in the Arab world. Rendering these works more known, more accessible and more affordable by the general masses would constitute the first primary task by RRMASRI Research & Consulting with the expressed objective to widen the culture of Religious Reform and expediting of the process of embarking on a wide-reaching Religious Reform movement.

In short, figuring more creative modern methods to rendering mountains of dust gathering well-researched scholarly works by Arab Religious Reformers and thinkers more readily accessible and affordable by the average Arab reader, represent the foremost primary tasks by RRMASRI Research & Consulting. 

The fostering of Religious Reform initiatives;empowering scholars and organizations towards the wide dissemination of readily available scientifically critically scrutinized religious and historic narratives by enlightened Arab scholars would significantly contribute to the building up of the momentum of a sweeping religious Reform movement in the Arab world. in the religious and historic narratives in the Middle East.  This, as Religion and Historical narratives remain the exclusive preserve and control of an informal alliance of self-serving oligarchs; entrenched non-democratic institutions and a recalcitrant religious establishment adamantly entrenched in archaic interpretations of religious and historic narratives.

Embarking on a vigorous endeavor of Religious Reform is quintessential to catapult the Middle Eastern people to a new plateau to connect with other world civilizations and the subscription to the more inclusive system of universal values. It is a prerequisite for the deliverance of the Arab people to start the long march on the road of advancements to a better future


As highlighted in the Objectives, The Promotion of activities relating to Religious Reform, encompass, among others, the following endeavors:

  • The Critical scrutiny of the Religious Heritage and Associated Historical Narratives.
  • Provide an Organizational and the Logistical Framework to Identifying and lending support to credible individual and organizational Arab scholarly endeavors, writings and scholarly contributions by recognized authors and entities that are actively engaged in the promotion of Religious Reform. 
  • Enhance the synergy by committed Religious Reform scholars and activists through networking, closer cooperation and the lending of organizational and logical support towards the popularization of well scrutinized research works and the promotion of the accessibility of the published works on religious reform. through 
  • The deployment of modern and creative methods of communication to popularize the works of religious reform scholars and organizations. 
  • The primary objective of RRMASRI Research & Consulting is the wide dissemination of information to render the materials and the works by active Religious Reform scholars more readily accessible and affordable by the general public. 
  • Organize periodical conferences, forums, seminars, talk shows and debating circles to improve communication and enhance awareness of Religious Reform issues on well-debated and critically scrutinized bases.
  • Endeavor to continuously identify and enhance networking among credible thinkers and scholars of Religious Reform; this, besides, rendering organizational and logistical support to facilitate the abilities of scholars of religious reform to share, distribute and to disseminate their theses and the publication of their works to the widest Arab Audience of varied levels of cognitive and intellectual abilities.
  • Maximize reliance on the deployment of the Internet and Social media and the training, in due course, of volunteer and committed staff to carry out the tasks.




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