our activities

As amply highlighted in the Mission Statement, Objectives and the Founder’s Statement, RRMASRI Research & Consulting Activities will center on three major areas, specializations:

  • Religious Reform
    The Promotion of activities relating to Religious Reform Religious Reform could entail many facets including following an incremental or more revolutionary pattern. Huge piles of well researched written materials and texts by leading Arab Religious Reform scholars remain idle gathering dust, out of reach and inaccessible by the…
  • Third Way Movement
    Promoting the Concept and the Formation of the “The Third Way” Movement. The Arab/Palestinian-Israeli standoff continues to cause dissipation of energies; diversion of scarce intellectual and economic resources; loss of opportunities and the prevention of the evolution and revival of the Arab and Palestinian people.
  • West & Middle East Dialogue
    Reach a wider Western audience to enhance awareness towards better understanding of the lingering plight of the Palestinians. where traditional forces and current Arab communication programs failed to reach the international community.